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(I just copied this straight from Closet Monsters website.)

Posted: november 22nd 2005 by jesse



november twenty two 2005

c.m- end of days.

by. the band.

after countless hours of discussion we have decided that the x-mas show in Toronto at the phoenix on december 8th is going to officially be closet monster's last. we want to thank everyone who over the last eight years has helped us play out this glorious dream of living and breathing our art. while heavily engrossed in the writing of what would have been our next record we realized the only thing we now want to achieve from this once high-school now 8 year old project is closure. no animosity, best of family for life- its better to end it while you still have a choice.

to the many friends involved in our career and everyone who have been part of our c.m. team, to the many members and bands we have shared the stage with, to anyone who smiled at a show or sang along, to the people that inspired us to keep going and hold onto what we believed our glass to yours, thank you and good night.

it was an incredible ride for closet monster.

and we cant wait to see what our future's bring forth next.

'all we were searching for was someone or something to believe in'

and we only found each other.


check out the flyer down below for the show info.
protest the hero has also been added to the festivities.


i leave you all with a quote from president john kennedy. 42 years ago today he received a bullet to the head and never got to say these words.

'if we are strong our strength will speak for itself. if we are weak, words will be no help'

-John F. Kennedy   November 22nd 1963

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The Unity Tour.
Who else will be going when they stop by your city [or city close to you]?

Next Saturday [20th] they'll be here in my shitty city of Brantford!
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i was bored tonight and decided to start up a closet monster site since there isn't really a lot available about them aside from the uo site and the actual cm one. it's shitty right now and i jacked the background images but haha that will change once i get it going all the way through, so don't sue me please. is where you'll find this fine piece of work.

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hey, i'm new! obviously.
i'm not sure if this community is still active or not... it seems kind of dead.
anyway, i have a question!
i really want to buy a bombs over providence CD but i can't find any, so i'm ordering one off the internet from the website. i'm not sure if i can wait that long to hear it, so i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere i could download it or if anyone could send me some songs until i get the CD in the mail.
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